Walking the Malecon

I’ve walked around this town and along the Malecon 20 times or more over the last few days. Recently ran into Johnny from Great Britain by way of Texas. He’s on a KLR and taking 7 weeks riding through Mexico before settling in to his new job in Kuala Lampur.

I haven’t been as motivated to trek through town sporting my camera and capturing more of La Paz in photographs. I’ve been digging hard into getting my blog here at www.worldrider.com updated. Too many emails and too many comments from people who want to know where I really am. Up until last week most of you figured I was still in Alaska or Canada. So while I’ve been bumming about the downtime with my blown shock, the good news is this website will be current.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for tuning in. If you haven’t explored the links to the left recently, I’ve also made quite a bit of headway there, too. Still no Photologue (you get a lot of photos inline here, so until then I hope this will do) and no PodCasts. But this too will pass…. Meanwhile my packing list, sponsors, friends, route, and bio are now active. So check them out.

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