Coincidence In La Paz.

La Paz Sunset2-1

Stopped off the check in on Luis at Motos Baja, the only motorcycle dealer in town. As I was dismounting the bike I hear a familiar voice.

“Allan. Allan? Is that you?”

I pull off my helmet and peer into the car that was harking my attention. It’s Rick Timmins, a friend and old client of mine from years ago. Rick was originally going to attend my Bon Voyage Gala Dinner held in Newport Beach back in May, but scheduling conflicts prevented from attending. Looks like it was meant to be that we’d say our goodbyes in Mexico.

Rick Timmins and his three brothers in Baja, California La Paz

Joining Rick were his three brothers, two from the San Diego area and the other from Seattle. They are on their second annual La Paz fishing expedition. Sporting The Boyz hats and a festive attitude, I followed them to their time share and joined them in some tropical rum drinks.

What a small world. Rick may help a friend transport a boat from Florida through the Panama Canal later this year. Who knows. We just might connect once again.

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