Where’s My Package?

UPS doesn’t have an office in La Paz. And trying to contact UPS in Mexico City is fruitless. Like DHL did in Alaska, UPS hires a subcontractor in La Paz to handle its deliveries. But trying to find out what company is impossible.

“It’s someone’s house,” Luis at the Honda dealer told me.

Calling every courier delivery company in the yellow pages, the DHL guy shrugged and said, “No se.” That is, he just didn’t know.


I continued to track the progress on UPS website. Today it seems stuck in Tijuana and requires more import documentation. Great. I ran into another motorcycle traveler who has been waiting nearly two weeks for a package form Canada. Lana has already been here two weeks taking spanish classes and staying with a local family. She left her home in Canada to travel to Iguazu falls in Paraguay.

Kevin responded to a message I posted on the Horizon’s Unlimited website. He’s flying down here tomorrow and asked if he could bring anything. By the time I got the message, he’s long headed to the plane. But theoretically my package will arrive here the day after tomorrow. So I’m crossing my fingers and the steady stream of California license plates invading this town. Time to move on.

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