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The URL for subscribing to my PodCast Feeds is this. Or go to the iTMS (iTunes Music Store) and search for WorldRider. Click the subscribe link there and you’ll get the new PodCasts automatically loaded into your iTunes as they are posted!

WorldRider: What’s Goin’ On With Big Al?

Flying in from New York City for a weekend and PodCast interview is my special guest extraordinaire, Mr. Tim Amos. Tim checks in on my recovery, rehabilitation and plans to finish what I set out to do. Please join Tim and I for a 20 minute update on WorldRider and more. You can listen/download the […]

WorldRider – Travels From The Sickbed.

It took a broken leg and a medivac return to the United States to get the first WorldRider PodCast up and published. Want to know why it took so long? You’ll have to download it and listen. Truthfully, this is really a non-official first PodCast here on WorldRider. I did this very quickly from my […]

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