Just A Few More Nagging Issues With Doc

There were only a couple nuts and bolts left over after we put Doc back together again. Okay. Only kidding. Javier did an incredible job and saved me a huge headache. I learned quite a few things watching him, too. But as I fired up Doc to see if all was okay, I was reminded […]

Hanging With Locals and Internationals.

A couple months back when I was cruising the desolate and windy blacktop of Argentina’s Ruta 3 south as the sun set, I met a fellow biker and photographer at a routine gas stop. For the regulars of this blog/thread you might remember Dario or how a couple hours later I met his friend, Nano, […]

The Allure of Buenos Aires – Hang Time.

What is it about Buenos Aires that I find so alluring, seductive and familiar? Why am I still here? Silvina y Martha: Lots of reasons to love Hotel Costa Rica in Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Hotel Costa Rica lobby bar where I pounded many espressos in the morning before my walks. Lobby of Hotel Costa […]

Time To Get Doc Ready To Roll Again.

Maintenance. I’ve been in Buenos Aires about two weeks since my friends Tim and Angie headed back to the States. While I’m loving this fantastic city with its European flair, Latin feel, great food and wine, it’s time to get Doc back into shape and get on the road. Not sure what my plan is, […]

How Many Days To A Brazilian Visa? More lessons.

Started out to tick those bureaucratic tasks off my list this morning. My desire to deal with the US Embassy relates to renewing a passport. So I made the leisurely walk this morning down Borges, across Santa Fe, past the professional dog walkers who are led by a pack of dogs sometimes numbering 20 or […]

Officialdom. Taxis. And Lessons Learned.

Traveling through central and south America has been relatively easy in terms of the bureaucracy of crossing borders, securing paperwork for the motorcycle and communicating in a language I’ve by now have a good grasp. But now things change. Enter Brazil (actually Brasil here outside English speaking locales). Though I don’t have to face it […]

Roger Waters River Plate Stadium – Buenos Aires, Arg March 18, 2007

The streets of Buenos Aires on a motorcycle: always in search of the perfect empanada. In a last minute mad rush to connect with the guy who had the extra ticket for Roger Waters, Martin and I exchanged several SMS text messages and phone calls and arranged to meet in Palermo. He had one extra […]

Back In Buenos Aires

Walking around this city I find myself in a bit of numb state of mind. Just a month ago I was in Ushuaia celebrating my journey from the top of the world to the bottom via my 2005 BMW F650GS Dakar motorcycle. And for the past two weeks I revisited a number of my favorite […]

Leaving Buenos Aires – Not me.

For my guests, one last day in Buenos Aires. Sad to see them go as for the first time on this journey I felt it possible to share the experiences, vistas and excitement of traveling and seeing this beautiful continent with people close to me. But the realities of their lives in the states and […]

PodCast #20 – Dakar Motos – Traveler’s Telling Stories

Motorcycle travelers all over the world meet and swap stories at the legendary adventure traveler hangout Dakar Motos in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Through a series of amazing coincidences, Allan connects for the third time during his journey with fellow Californian motorcyclists Adam Pate. Listen to Adam relate his tale to WorldRider, Allan Karl, of getting […]