Sugarcubes Drummer On Fishballs, Music, Iceland, & Calypso Sigtryggur (Siggi) Baldursson

From Rock n’ Roll Star to The Godfather Of The Iceland Music Scene This is the audio-only podcast edition of the fourteenth episode of the JOURNEYS Webcast—Adventure & Discovery In The Time of Corona where Allan Karl and Siggi Baldurrson chatted from San Diego to Iceland when this show originally Livestreamed on July 20, 2020. […]

#72 The American Entrepreneur—Go Legal Yourself With Kelly Bagla — From the UK to LA and then the dogs!

From the UK to the USA—Embracing Opportunity As The American Entrepreneur & Queen of Business Law: Kelly Bagla Mentioned In The Podcast Do It Yourself Legal Protection Documents: Kelly Bagla’s Law Firm: Go Legal Yourself Book, 2nd Edition: Thrive Animal Rescue San Diego: Go Legal Yourself Podcast: Apple Podcasts: Audible Amazon: Other Books […]

The Future Of Travel & Where Tourism Has Spun Out Of Control With Rudy Maxa

What does travel look like in a post-pandemic world? Meet Rudy Maxa, the original “Savvy Traveler,” and Emmy Award-Winning travel host and producer..  This is the audio-only podcast edition of the eleventh JOURNEYS Webcast—Adventure & Discovery In The Time of Corona, originally Livestreamed on June 22, 2020, from Minneapolis, Minnesota with our special guest Legendary & […]

Booze Traveler Jack Maxwell Talks Shining Shoes, World Travel, Cancer & Cannabis

From Shining Shoes In Boston Bars To Hollywood & Traveling The World For Drinks With Locals Meet Jack Maxwell, Host of Booze Traveler on Travel Channel and a professional actor and adventurer, Jack learned his best lessons, stories, and lighthearted jokes in the barrooms of South Boston. This is the audio-only podcast edition of the […]

I’m Giving Away Ten Copies of my Bestselling Book “FORKS!”

If you want to jump right to the giveaway, click this link to my YouTube channel to enter— If you want to know more background, keep reading below […] Several years after I started the WorldRider blog and took off to ride around the world, I created a YouTube Channel. This was just before Google […]

Oh No! Vertigo? Vestibulations About Vestibular Challenges and Therapy.

After fourteen months of crazy covid coronavirus cabin fever in lockdown, things are looking up. When I look up these days, I get a big head-rush, a feeling of weirdness. After the last eleven of those months, I’m still in a fight with a floaty-boaty lightheaded feeling brought on by a vertigo episode last June. […]

Podcast #70 San Diego | Getting Personal | Allan Checks-in, A Pandemic Update, Vicious Vertigo & Breaking News

The Light At The End of The Tunnel It’s nearly Springtime 2021. The coronavirus pandemic is now over one year old. WorldRider Allan Karl hasn’t traveled more than fifty miles since February 2020. In this personal episode of the Journeys With WorldRider Podcast, Allan shares his health challenges—a frustrating and depressing bout with vertigo. This […]

Journeys #27 | Every Country In The World: 195 Recipes—195 Weeks—Author, Food Writer, Blogger | Sasha Martin

195 Countries. 195 Recipes. 195 Weeks: She set out to cook—and eat—a meal from every country in the world. Along the way she found: Peace After Turmoil & Happiness After Difficulty This is Sasha Martin’s Journey: From Food Stamps & Foster Homes In Boston To Life In France & Luxembourg. Then From Wesleyan and the […]

Birds-Eye View Magical American White Pelicans Cooperative Feeding | Batiquitos Lagoon By Drone

On a gorgeous February afternoon, I decided to join my friend and fellow World Rider Jeremiah St. Ours for a hike and wildlife experience at the Batiquitos Lagoon, a beautiful estuary and tidal wetland between Carlsbad and Encinitas just thirty of so miles north of San Diego. Jeremiah, armed with his massive 600mm lens, was […]

Change Is Vital I Support The The Movement To End Injustice & Racism

I shouldn’t even have to say this. I love people. All people. I’ve traveled the world meeting people. 100,000’s of miles, overland. More than 80 countries. And I find it all the time. I don’t even need to look. The truth. The truth is, people are people. We’re all the same. We’re human after all. […]