Dakar: The Race Is On For Darkcyd Racing

While most of the country is recovering from the recent holiday, flocking to the malls for returns and sales or simply enjoying the last days of the year with family and loved ones, Robb & Tara Rill and the entire Darkcyd Rally Racing team are busy making final preparations for their flights to Buenos Aires, […]

Doing Dakar: Spectator, Team Member & Media

I had a terrific opportunity to join my friend Robb as he finally pulled the trigger and decide to make his dream come true: to compete and finish the most grueling motorsport raced in the world: Dakar. Through the support or Robb, The Strategic Group and Darkcyd Racing I will attend the infamous Dakar Rally […]

SoCal Presentation Thursday May 19 BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County

While I’ve been working and hanging out in Southern California, I am excited for two reasons. First, I’m pleased that my adventure motorcyclist friend, Daniel Robla from Argentina is visiting me for a few days here in California. It’s been nearly four years since I last saw him in Argenina in Buenos Aires. We traveled […]

Darkcyd Racing: The Dakar 2012 Edition-Woes Threaten Team Start

Darkcyd Owner and Driver Robb Rill discusses problems with the teams entry into the 2012 Edition of the legendayr Dakar Rally Raid Race in South America

The Bureaucracy of Shipping: Redux

Let’s Go To Africa. Fortunately I arrived in Buenos Aires several days before my motorcycle, because finding my motorcycle turned out to tougher than finding the truth about Tango. You see Variglog, the company I shipped from Brazil, had no phone number listing in Buenos Aires or at the Airport, and calling the office in […]

Wine & Food in Buenos Aires: One More Time.

For the last several days I’ve made more than 4 trips downtown to meet with the people at Delfino Air Cargo, the agent for Malaysia Airlines Cargo here in Buenos Aires. The runaround is incredible. But things are happening. I got a chance to go back to Dakar Motos and spend some time with Javier […]

Getting Things Done In Buenos Aires

While I feel I could ease into life as a gringo Porteño here in Buenos Aires, I’ve got to get down to business. Certainly there’s coordinating the logistics of shipping Doc to Cape Town in South Africa. And there’s the problem with my Apple Mac Book Pro. I want to be sure to spend time […]

Friends & Family: Buenos Aires

For those who have been following my journey for the past year or more, you might remember Daniel & Juan, two Argentina riders Jeremiah and I met when crossing the border from Chile into Argentina last December. Since that meeting I’ve had a chance to spend time with them in there home town of Bolivar, […]

Back In Buenos Aires. Home Again?

Seems like I’m moving from one home away from home to another home away from home. My flight from Belem took me through the Brazilian capital of Brasilia where I boarded another plane headed for Argentina. Arriving mid-afternoon I easily found my way back to the Hotel Costa Rica where Jann, the affable french owner […]

Rio: Another Photo Essay

While Rio is the sensual city and the people are laid back and take life at a pace much more different than São Paulo and the beach culture that permeates distinguishes it from any other city I’ve visited, I could never find myself living here. Buenos Aires, on the other hand, with its mix of […]