Salvador. History. Culture. Architecture.

With more than 600 Baroque and Renaissance buildings restored since its recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the early 1990’s, Salvador’s old-town, Cidade Alta (Upper City) is the heart of the colonial heritage. Most of the activity surrounds the Parça e Sé and the Largo do Pelourinho. Some people find that Salvador in […]

Salvador A Bit Too Far: The Wettest Day?

The Brits told me that while I was getting water logged in Arraial d’Ajuda, they were experiencing sun, surf, bikinis and local color here in Itacaré. But by the time I met them the next morning, the mist and rain started its on-again/off-again dance. The boys wanted to go fishing. Not a day for beach […]

The Road To Itacaré: Finally Some Peace

After 48 hours of practically consistent rain, the weather gods gave me a break so I could escape the enchanting pull of Arraial d’Ajuda. I bid farewell to my Paulista friends, Carol and Danielle and motored down the road navigating the obstacle course created by the potholes outside this seductive hamlet. With the sky full […]

Riding & Forró Dancing – Northeastern Brazil

While we shared a few tall beers in Arraial d’Ajuda we listend to forró music and watched the amazing dancers. Here’s a quick little movie I threw together, as it’s perhaps the only way to get the feel of the music and sensuality of the dancing. Enjoy!

Forget Riding. How About Walking In The Rain?

Arraial d’Ajuda, Trancoso and Itacaré Bahia Brasil Paradise. The pool area above the beach at my $23/night pousada in Arraial d’Ajuda. When the rain broke I packed up my Mac and walked the quaint village of Arraial (which means “Hamlet” in Portuguese). After a little time in the internet café and frustrated with poor bandwidth, […]

Painted Into A Corner of Espirito Santo – Trying to wade my way out.

Doc, hammocks and the comfortable Pousada Porta de Areia in Itaúnas, Brasil. The personable and extremely passionate Bixaõ owns the Pousada Porta de Areia in Itaúnas, a tiny off the map hamlet in the northeastern corner of Brazil’s Espirito Santo state. With a few strings of natural beads strung around his neck and long almost […]

Cachoeira to Itaúnas – Northeast coast of Brazil

Stirred most of the night. Took my first malaria pill and it set my stomach funny, mind whirling and left me with a headache. So got off at a reasonable hour today. I stopped at the Policia Posto just outside of town to revisit my friend who turned me on to the Rinkaõ Hotel where […]

Trying To Make Vitória – No Dice.

I got a late start this morning and thought I would be in Vitoria, the capital city of Espirito Santo. But as I rode by a police station on the busy BR-101, a police officer convinced me to forgo riding into the dark and advised me of a simple but good hotel in the town […]

Buziós For A Change

It’s amazing what things can cost in a country that imposes huge duty on imports. For Brazil would rather support its industry and manufacturing. But at $30, the cost of a BMW spark plug through me back. This is nearly triple the cost of the same exact product in the United States. But if I […]

Time To Get It On.

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janiero, Brasil. I’ve got to admit that keeping these journals up to date is a chore. And thank all of you who continue to send me e-mail prodding me to just skip the past and focus on the now. Good idea. But I just can’t. There are so many stories, pictures […]